EVIM International Summit is opening an online global directory of media resources in EV, cleantech and sustainable development.

EVIM International Summit, the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting, is opening an online global directory of EV, cleantech and sustainable development media resources.

The list is aimed to help international, national and local media be found by advertisers and audience from the entire world. Participation in EVIM : Live Media Directory is free of any charge and the web resource is open for submission the listings 24/7 with the simple online form.

As informed Denis Radiuk Founder and CEO of the Summit:

“The whitelist is aimed to share the information about reliable media resources specialized in the fields of new electric (EV) and autonomous mobility, renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, urban planning and architecture. Bringing together the high quality information sources and connecting them to businesses, is a one of the best things that our Summit can do for the industry”

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