About EVIM : Live News

EVIM : Live is an official web resource of EVIM, the international development project for acceleration the sustainable infrastructure, that has been initiated by the company GreenClinic LifeScience (Estonia) and since 2016 continuing its positive impact.

EVIM : Live is specialized on publishing of news and information on e-mobility, renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and accessibility, as also best examples of sustainable business practice. EVIM  : Live also highlights the events organised or supported by EVIM International Development Project as also events organised by EVIM Community members and partners in different countries.

The EVIM target audience is global, so the language of the EVIM : Live posts is English, with an option to be accompanied with other one, if provided by its author.

The website is established by Denis Radiuk, the founder of GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia), in co-foundation and co-operation with the young team of open-minded professional media people, for the purpose of the informational support of EVIM International Development Project and now is running by the multinational team of partners and volunteers.