Anders Wall, International Sales Director of GreenMobility has joined EVIM2018 as a speaker.

GreenMobility is a Danish company that offers easy transportation around the city to both private consumers and companies. The app gives the users an overview of the cars in real time showing exact location and availability. Available City Cars can be reserved free of charge up to 30 min and after ended trip, the City Cars can be parked free of charge in any legal and public parking spot.

Anders Wall has joined @GreenMobility in October 2017 where he leads the company’s international expansion.As an International Sales Director Anders is highly skilled within franchise and has 18 years of experience with developing and growing international partner-based businesses within consumer products & services. Anders has among others been CCO of Baresso Coffee where he had the responsibility of all franchise-partners as well as the development of the franchise concept. Latest, Anders was CEO of Paradis Group, where he had the responsibility of the company’s expansion through partners in Denmark and USA. Anders Wall is a speaker at EVIM 2018 Summit. Buy a ticket and register here

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