CHAdeMO at EVIM 2018 Summit

We are happy to introduce you our new speaker Tomoko Blech, Secretary General of CHAdeMO Association Europe. A former marketing strategy consultant and business reporter with work experience in Asia-Pacific, U.S.A. and Europe, Tomoko is in charge of the overall operations of CHAdeMO Association in Europe (and beyond), including public relations, institutional communication, member services and coordination.
CHAdeMO was the first ever global fast charging protocol for electric vehicles. Equipping first mass-produced EVs with a fast charging capability eliminated range anxiety and put EVs on the path to growing popularity among drivers the world over.
CHAdeMO’s research has shown there is clear correlation between the number of fast chargers installed and the number of EVs sold – while correlation does not mean causation, there is a clear relationship between the two elements – and it’s proof that fast chargers are important for EV adoption.

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