CC Law has joined EVIM East Europe – 2017 as the official partner of the summit

CC Law has joined EVIM East Europe – 2017 as the official partner of the summit

We are proud to inform that Polish legal company CC Law specialized in national, European and international law has become CC Law has become the official partner of the EVIM East Europe – 2017 International Summit.

CC Law is dedicated primarily to the provision of legal services for Polish and international businesses. The customers come from many different regions of the world, including the United States, Germany, India, Ireland, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates. CC Law professional legal support at every stage of business operation.

Read also the blog by Witold Chmarzyński, CC Law Legal Counsel and Partner.

He has authored many publications in the field of real estate and companies, of which he specifically co-authored the monograph entitled Komandytowa w pytaniach i odpowiedziach [Limited Partnership – Questions and Answers].

His private and professional passion is electro mobility – he is a legal expert in the field, tracking the changing regulations in the area, and speaking at many conferences dedicated to the legal aspects of e-mobility, including the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting Central Europe, 2016, October 19-21; he is going to appear as a speaker and legal expert on Polish legislation at the Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting,– 2017 Kyiv, March 29-31.

Many of his articles dedicated to the legal aspects of electro mobility have been published in Polish industry magazines (such as Menadżer Floty) and in foreign periodicals (e.g. Charged. Electric Vehicles Magazine).

He has produced expert legal opinions for the largest players in the industry, including one of the larger Slovak companies entering the Polish market of electric vehicle charging services.


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