Council endorses deal on cross-border parcel delivery services

Council endorses deal on cross-border parcel delivery services

Member states’ ambassadors today approved new rules to improve cross-border parcel delivery services by making tariffs more transparent and giving regulators more powers to monitor the market. The presidency reached a provisional agreement on the draft regulation with the European Parliament on 13 December.

These rules will make it easier for consumers and businesses to check which cross-border parcel delivery firms offer the best rates. This will encourage consumers to choose from a wider range of products and to buy more online. It will also offer new possibilities for retailers, especially small businesses, which do not have the bargaining power to negotiate better rates. I would like to thank the member states, the European Parliament and the Commission for having contributed to the successful conclusion of this dossier in line with the deadline set by the European Council in October.

– Urve Palo, Estonian Minister for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology

How will it become law? Once the agreed text has undergone legal and linguistic finalisation, it must be formally approved, first by the Parliament and then by the Council (agreement at first reading). Following adoption, the regulation will be published in the EU’s Official Journal. It will enter into force twenty days after publication.

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