Andreas-Michael Reinhardt has joined EVIM East Europe – 2017 as a speaker

Andreas-Michael Reinhardt has joined EVIM East Europe – 2017 as a speaker

Andreas-Michael Reinhardt, a well-known and honored man on the European e-mobility market, is joining as a speaker EVIM East Europe – 2017, Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting taking place in Kyiv in March 29-31.

Andreas-Michael Reinhardt is a Board Member of AVERE, European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (Brussels). The Organization was founded in 1978, and its aim is to promote electromobility in order to make transport greener and the world more eco-friendly. Mr. Reinhardt is a Board Member of the Association since 2013.

Also, Andreas-Michael Reinhardt is a President of LEMnet Europe e.V., a nonprofit organization that manages the largest and oldest Online Database of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Europe from driver’s viewpoint.

Mr. Reinhardt is a Chairman of Business Advisory Committee and a Member of Organization and Program Boards of EVS30, the 30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (Stuttgart). Taking place periodically in different locations, this event gathers researchers, government members, and experts in the industry with the aim of discussing the most recent trends on the e-mobility market and forming a modern view of the industry.

On EVIM East Europe – 2017, Andreas-Michael Reinhardt is also representing BSM, Federal Association of Solar Mobility (Germany).

Apart from that, Andreas-Michael Reinhardt is a consultant in the commercial application of electric vehicles.

The topic of Mr. Reinhardt’s speech on the Plenary session of the EVIM summit is the following: “European map of electric mobility: The impact of systemic and standardized infrastructure and services on wealth and well-being of people.” It is expected that he will join Expert panel sessions and EVIM Youth Program that will bring professional discussions, lectures, and workshops to the biggest universities of Kyiv.

In order to listen to Andreas-Michael Reinhardt along with other keynote speakers and to communicate, please attend EVIM East Europe – 2017 summit. For more information regarding the time and date of the speech, kindly refer to the program of the event.

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