Ukraine and the world in the new economic reality: how to respond to changes and not miss opportunities?

Ukraine and the world in the new economic reality: how to respond to changes and not miss opportunities?

New challenges for Ukraine that bring tectonic changes to the world economy and politics will become the main focus of the fourth Kyiv International Economic Forum.

On October 6-7, 2017 the 4th Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF), one of the largest business events in the country, will took place in the capital of Ukraine. For the fourth year in a row the Forum will bring together renowned foreign and Ukrainian economists, visionaries, reformers, politicians and businessmen to discuss the critical issues of Ukrainian economy. Given the steady increase in the number of participants and speakers, this year KIEF will change its location for a more spacious Parkovyi Congress and Exhibition Center.

The keynote of KIEF 2017 will be the challenges of the new economic reality for Ukraine that is an integral member of the world community. It will focus on three global trends that have threatened the orderly course of events in the world politics, business and almost everyone’s life.
The first trend’s harbingers were the US election results and Brexit. They have shown that the countries, which were the drivers of globalization, begin changing the vector of their development to the opposite one – protecting their economies, developing their own industries and creating new jobs inside the countries.
Technological advances have led to the second trend – an unpredictably rapid development of the digital economy. Companies involved in this sector receive huge financial and information resources and become more powerful and influential than some countries.
The third trend is the so-called inclusive globalization. Due to the development of the digital economy, small and medium businesses get the opportunity to become global. Its impact on the global economy becomes more pronounced. This trend offers new opportunities for the development of Ukrainian small and medium businesses, which can be integrated into international value added networks.
“The new economic reality makes companies and the state refuse from the inefficient solutions and seek new answers to global issues. Will the countries be able to duly react to changes in order to prevent destructive crises? How to effectively use available resources and new technologies for development? Actually, what to expect for the world and Ukraine in the future? What should our country do first to improve its position in the global market? The leading economists, businessmen and politicians will try to answer all these questions at KIEF 2017,” comments Yurii Pivovarov, Head of the Organizing Committee of Kyiv International Economic Forum.
During the event, both guests and participants will be able to communicate directly with renowned economists and influential representatives of public and financial sectors. KIEF 2017 will feature representatives of the government of Ukraine and other countries, members of the European Commission, top managers of EBRD and EIB, owners of companies and CEOs of corporations. The Forum will consist of 20 panel discussions and 10 round tables, during which issues of cooperation and investment in such sectors as high tech, construction, agroindustrial complex, energy efficiency and engineering will be discussed. The Forum’s highlight will be an interactive display area of domestic and foreign high-tech projects.

The first KIEF held in 2014 presented the overall vision for the modernization of Ukraine’s economy. The tools to help Ukraine make an economic breakthrough were identified at the second KIEF in 2015, where world-renowned economists recommended Ukraine to purposefully manage the economy through the Business–Government–Society triangle, and not leave it to the mercy of the free market.

The 3rd KIEF in October 2016, attended by 85 speakers from 20 countries, 190 mass media representatives and more than 800 guests, was devoted to strategic questions: how to attract investment to our country for Ukraine to participate in the global Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) is a permanently operating venue for the formation of Ukrainian economic development strategy. It is aimed to set up a dialogue between experts, businesses and government, borrowing the best international practices, creating a road map for the development and promotion of the conversion of ideas into the real action.

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