What will be discussed in the expert panel sessions of EVIM East Europe – 2017 International Summit?

What will be discussed in the expert panel sessions of EVIM East Europe – 2017 International Summit?

Together with the keynote speeches of the prominent experts and professional communication, during the expert panel sessions of EVIM East Europe – 2017 International Summit will be discussed the range of the questions essential for ensuring of the faster development of electric mobility as an important part of future sustainable infrastructure of the national economies. Will be discussed four specialized topics corresponding each one to the each angle of the view:

29.03.2017, Wednesday

  • 12.15-13.15 Expert panel session I Transport. New vision of mobility:Structure, market strategy and policy of development for sustainable transport. Infrastructure development. Market of vehicles. Transport services. Achievements and experience in Ukraine, Central and East Europe: how to keep and increase the path of growth?
  • 14.15-15.15 Expert panel session IIEnergy for move:e-Mobility and renewable energy sources: energy supply, grid interaction and charging. Smart Grid intellectual solutions. Circuit for transport: what can be the best complete solutions for the country and CEE region? Cost of energy and connection.Moderator: Andrij Zinchenko, Head of educational projects at Greencubator

30.03.2017, Thursday

  • 10.15-11.15 Expert panel session III Investments in electric mobility. Electric mobility, impact on economy: Implementation of EV technologies, solutions and business models into investment projects. Financing. Development of national infrastructures. International and cross-border projects. Market of vehicles. Transport services. New industry, new workplaces, new culture – opportunities and challenges.Moderator: Jacek Fior, founding partner of ELMO electric carsharing company, cleantechnica.com author and activist developing two EV projects in Poland in Germany.
  • 14.00 – 15.00 Expert panel session IVArchitecture of human environment infrastructure, ecosystem approach: Smart cities and urban electric mobility. Integration of renewable energy sources into the architectural environment. New traffic and road network concepts. Zero emission and circular economy. Public health and clean transport. Prospective thinking of urban design for life quality improvement.Moderator: Roman Pomazan, Architect, urban researcher and planner, founder of Urban Sustain Architecture

For sure such complete approach will allow to discover and solve the problems, help find new opportunities for improvements and develop common vision of the prospects of mobility in the entire CEE region and Ukraine, where the summit is taking place.

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